Beauty and the Bead...B-Line leads the way in global campaign

Body and Sole Exfoliant re-formulated with natural bamboo powder

B-LINE has adopted a leading role amid global environmental concerns about the use of plastic microbeads within the beauty industry.

The decision to stop using microbeads in their top-selling Body and Sole Exfoliant (no other B-Line product uses or has ever used, solid microplastics) reflects a growing belief that microbead pollution is a major threat to marine wildlife with potential implications to the human food chain.

While many beauty brands have made a commitment to stop their use by the end of 2016 / 2017, B-Line is one of the first UK-based companies to launch a replacement product - using natural bamboo powder instead of beads. There is no change to the name and the new formulation is safe and effective in line with B-Line’s strict product quality standards.

B-Line’s ‘leading position’ has been welcomed by Fauna & Flora International (FFI), which has added B-Line to a worldwide listing of approved microbead-free beauty products. FFI is a partner member of a global campaign known as Beat the Microbead and helped to fund a mobile app which can be used to scan a product to check its status.

“While microbeads have been in common usage since the Seventies, the industry is only now becoming aware of the long-term environmental effects,” said Annette Foley-Craigen, founder and managing director of B-Line Health and Beauty. “As a small, independent beauty brand we have invested heavily in time and resource to ensure we meet this challenge and play our part in preserving the oceans.”


B-Line Beauty: Proud to Lead The Way

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