Love your feet... put a Spring in your step!

31 March 2019


APRIL sees us celebrating Foot Health Month, an initiative spearheaded by the College of Podiatry and embraced by foot health professionals across the country.

It's great timing here at B-Line, as we mark two anniversaries... our own 30 years in business. and the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci, the great Renaissance artist and polymath who died in 1519.

Why is that relevant, I hear you ask? The answer lies in his ground-breaking anatomical work, especially his interest in the feet. Setting aside the gruesome thought that his discoveries came through the dissection of corpses, I was influenced from the start by his observation that the foot is the 'greatest engineering device' in the world. He knew it, saw it and drew it and we pay tribute to him on our web page Fascinating Foot Facts.

A pampering pedicure therefore represents much more than a luxury treat for those tired tootsies! They support our body weight, help balance our posture and enable us to walk by propelling us forward and absorbing shock... do you realise our weight equals an average of 15lbs per square inch when standing still.

The ancient art of reflexology respects the foot as a fundamental guide to good health and we too believe looking after the feet is an investment in overall health and wellbeing. We have remained true to that principle from our early pioneering work developing specialist plant-based products and pedicure treatments, to this day.

So, whether you favour a professional treatment or a DIY home pedi, Foot Health Month seems like the perfect time to #loveyourfeet by adopting a new foot care regimen to put a Spring in your step!

If you have any questions please give us a call or message me on Facebook... Annette x