Sweet Dreams as B-Line Launches Sleep Treat

30 October 2015

B-LINE'S latest innovation will help you say 'night night' to counting sheep by making it easier to get your beauty sleep. Sleep Treat is a lightly-fragranced pillow spray comprising 100% natural essential oils designed to relax and calm body and mind and so aid sleep: neroli, rose, geranium and lavender.

Spritz lightly on or around the pillow and allow yourself to drift off... a glass of warm milk optional! With Christmas just around the corner this could be an ideal stocking filler for someone who struggles to get forty winks - or a personal must-have.

Sleep is vital to health and wellbeing from skin repair (we all want to keep those wrinkles at bay!) to fighting infection. Research shows people generally fail to get enough sleep and many find it difficult to drop off, tossing and turning for hours. Sleep Treat helps create the right mood to relax the body and calm the mind. For best results use after a relaxing bath.

Did You Know: The Sleep Research Society recommends seven hours of sleep to maintain healthy mind and body. However about 30 per cent of adults are thought to get less than six hours. Long-term effects range from bad mood, weakened immune system and even weight gain.