Are Your Feet Ready for Flip Flop Day?

19 June 2020


THE B-Line team has been smoothing, soothing and softening their feet ready for Flip Flop Day (June 19th), a rather curious calendar date that started with a promotional idea to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the US-based Tropical Smoothie Cafe chain.

Since then it has evolved into a major fundraising event encouraging people to show-off their favourite flip flops or more likely, to buy a new pair, and share on social media. From our perspective as a leading advocate of good foot care, we see it as a way to encourage people to pay more attention to their tootsies.

There's nothing worse than seeing cracked heels, dry skin and unkempt toenails 'flip flopping' along the beach, in the park or even in the garden. I recall once following an otherwise well-presented woman onto an escalator where my eyes were almost level with her feet that were in a shocking state. I was sorely tempted to tap her arm and recommend she book a much-needed pedicure! Mind you, that wouldn't work this summer as we are still waiting for salons to re-open when coronavirus lockdown restrictions are eased.

So, what is it about this thong-style sandal that has been around for centuries, originally made out of papyrus or palm leaves? One of the earliest surviving pairs dates from 1500 BC and is held by the British Museum.  Chiropodists and podiatrists would probably say they are very bad for you, certainly if worn for long periods on a daily basis, for example when on holiday. Easy to trip over, lack of support makes walking difficult and affects posture, can lead to flat feet, hammer toe and tendonitis. Moreover, an ill-fitting toe post can irritate and rub the skin causing blisters... try Tea Tree Oil to reduce infection.

Despite all these negative connotations we still love our flip flops when the sun is shining and we're drawn to the many styles and colours that are available these days. From designer brand to simple low-cost version that can be left behind when you return home, our love of flip flops is here to stay. The humble flip flop has travelled a long and controversial road. Just be sure to give yourself a home pedicure before you slip them on... top of your list should be our revolutionary hard skin spray Erase with professional wooden rasp. We promise instant results with just one treatment! 

Annette x