B-Line Reaches Out to Local MP

9 July 2020


B-LINE has added its voice to a growing lobby seeking clarity from the UK government on when spas and salons may be allowed to re-open. Lockdown is causing damaging knock-on effects across the wider beauty industry and Annette has written this open letter to our local MP Gareth Davies (Grantham and Stamford) seeking his support.

'As one of your constituents, I am writing to seek your assistance to urge the government to support the health, wellness and beauty industry by allowing spas and salons to open their doors as soon as possible.

'Here at B-Line Health and Beauty we supply our own branded products and treatments to the professional sector... as you can imagine, our business has been seriously impacted due to lockdown.

'As an independent British company we are proud of our achievements over three decades and deeply disappointed the government appears to have little understanding of the critical role this industry plays in the health and wellbeing of the nation as well as the hospitality and leisure industry (spa hotels and resorts). Add to that the fact almost all beauty salons across the country are female-owned and staffed primarily by women, and the knock-on effects become incalculable in terms of personal health, finance and family if they are not allowed to earn.

'I therefore seek your support to please lobby the Prime Minister to take steps and open-up the industry. If urgent action is not taken many businesses across the country will find it difficult to recover; some will be forced to close.

'The UK Spa Association estimates spas contribute £2.1b to the UK economy. The hair and beauty industry contributes £6.6b, which equates to around eight per cent of the value generated by the retail sector. It also employs up to 337,687 people, predominantly women, across 49,371 businesses and provides over 16,500 apprenticeships.

'Many hair, beauty, spa and wellness facilities are integrated offering a wide range of treatments. While hair salons can now open, it may not be financially viable to re-start just one part of their operation if not able to offer the other half. Standards of hygiene are probably the highest of any industry in this country due to the nature of our treatments, often working in close personal space. Even those strict guidelines have now been further strengthened and we appeal to the government to consider our case on its merits.

'I end this letter by inviting you to B-Line HQ at Harrowby Hall to discuss my concerns if you feel this would be helpful.'

To add your voice to this growing campaign please write to your local MP and get busy on social media using hashtags #salonsaresafe and #adateforwellness