Beauty and the Bead: B-Line Leads the Way

20 October 2015

B-LINE has adopted a leading role amid global environmental concerns surrounding the use of plastic microbeads within the beauty industry.

Our decision to stop using microbeads in our popular Body and Sole Exfoliant (no other B-Line product uses or has ever used, solid microplastics) reflects a growing belief that microbead pollution is a major threat to marine wildlife* with potential implications for the human food chain.

While many beauty brands have made a commitment to stop their use by the end of 2016 / 2017 B-Line is one of the first UK-based companies to launch a replacement product - using natural bamboo powder instead of beads to generate the 'scrub' effect. There is no change to the name and the new formulation is safe and effective in line with our strict product quality standards. It will be available from the second half of November 2015.

We are delighted to have the backing of Fauna & Flora International (FFI) which has recognised our 'leading position' by adding B-Line to a worldwide listing of approved microbead-free beauty products. FFI is a partner member of a global campaign known as Beat the Microbead and helped fund a mobile app** which can be used to scan a product and check its status.

While microbeads have been in common usage since the Seventies, the industry is only now becoming aware of the long-term environmental effects. As a small, independent beauty brand we have invested heavily in time and resource to ensure we meet this challenge and play our part in protecting the oceans.

* Microbeads are tiny pieces of plastic less than five millimetres in diameter. Their small size means they can't be filtered out through wastewater treatment so once they go down the plughole or into the shower drain they almost always end up in rivers, lakes and seas. Mounting evidence suggests microbeads can harm marine wildlife as they become embedded in the ecosystem and eaten by a range of sea life from shellfish to birds. As well as causing health problems for these creatures it can have wider implications for the human food chain. More info from

** Beat the Microbead app is available for free download from the App Store and is compatible with any device. Use it to scan any product's barcode to find out if it is free of microbeads or any other solid microplastic ingredients.


B-Line Beauty: Proud to Lead The Way