The Secret to a Perfect Soak

26 March 2019


I AM constantly being told that people prefer a shower these days rather than wasting time by filling a bath and then soaking in their own grubby water, which I agree doesn't sound awfully enticing! While a shower might get you clean and leave you feeling invigorated (perhaps a good start in the morning?) nothing beats a bath if you want to soothe away the cares of the day. I always light a candle to set the scene.

I am sure I am not alone in thinking of bathing as much-deserved #metime and here are my tips for the perfect soak:

1. Run the bath until water reaches your preferred temperature. Steam encourages blood circulation and the heat will get your heart pumping. Not too hot or you might feel faint. 

2. Pour in some bath salts, bubbles or fragranced oil to enhance the mood

3. While the bath is filling, buff your body with a dry brush starting from the feet and moving upwards towards the heart. Step into the tub and relax until water starts to cool, using a loofah (with soap if you wish) to ensure glowing skin. 

4. Get out and dry off with care, patting with towel rather than rubbing, and finish by applying your favourite body lotion or body oil to damp skin to lock in moisture and leave skin feeling silky smooth. If you feel thirsty choose water rather than a hot drink.

Annette xx