Brush away that sluggish feeling!

15 February 2021


B-Line fans will know I am a great believer in body brushing, which is particularly effective when cold weather and a sedentary lockdown lifestyle has left us feeling sluggish. Just because we can't book our usual salon treatments doesn't mean we can't enjoy a home beauty pamper session.

Regular dry body brushing two or three times a week (some experts advise daily) helps stimulate the body's natural waste disposal lymphatic system and improve blood circulation. This can result in improved skin texture while also giving your energy levels a kick start. The best time for me is in the evening before a relaxing bath, starting at the soles of the feet and working up the front and back of the legs and across the stomach and buttocks. Then do the same on arms, working from fingertips to the shoulders.

I use our long-handled body brush as it's easier for me to manage, but we also have a smaller hand-held brush for those of you who are more flexible! Remember to always brush upwards towards the heart.

To my mind body brushing goes hand in hand with exfoliation, removing dead cells to leave skin looking brighter. We do it happily as part of a facial so why not do the same on the body, again once or twice a week? This will keep dry skin at bay and enable deeper penetration of lotion or oil to moisturise and nourish the skin. Our Body and Sole Exfoliant uses natural bamboo to create the 'scrub' effect and by the way, we were the first independent beauty company to stop using plastic microbeads.

During the recent deep freeze my lotion of choice was Ultimate Hydrating Creme which is ideal for mature skin and offers some protection against the drying effects of cold weather (not that I ventured out into the snow all that often!) .

Many of you have also been ordering our body oils to enjoy the luxurious feeling of an indulgent massage, a perfect treatment after a relaxing bath before bed... bliss! Choose from Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil, Coconut Hair and Body Oil, Detox Oil or our nut-free Serenity Oil.

With our help you can buff and polish like a pro, in the comfort of your own home.... #loveyourbody

Annette x