Love your Body by Getting into Good Habits

2 January 2021


NEW year resolutions are easy to make and just as easy to break, putting us under unnecessary pressure to lose weight, get fit and change our diet. Festive over-indulgence often leads people to explore the concept of 'detoxification' as if by some miracle such a programme will transform their life.

White it is true that too much rich food, alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle can impact the efficiency of the liver, gut and kidneys, we believe the best route to personal wellness is to understand and respect the body's natural ability to cleanse itself. When these organs become overloaded, the body's detox systems become sluggish and don't work so well which results in problems with digestion, sleep and concentration.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper nutrition and a little exercise will make a difference without the need to resort to faddy diets or signing-up to an expensive gym membership.

We recommend this simple 5-step pledge for just four weeks:

  • Replace ready meals and processed food with more fresh fruit, vegetables and fish

  • Avoid alcohol and increase your intake of water day by day

  • Take a brisk walk every day ideally in the morning to absorb more sunlight

  • Stand up / jog on the spot during television ad breaks

  • Adopt a regular sleep pattern, with a relaxing bath and massage before bed


To support your pledge, you may like to incorporate our Detox Massage Oil, a blend of pure plant oils to help stimulate the lymph system, improve circulation and reduce fluid retention all of which have a part to play in eliminating toxins which can cause inflammation. For maximum benefit use in association with body brushing or exfoliation to stimulate cell renewal and refine skin texture.

Whichever route you choose, stay positive and set small, achievable goals to give yourself the best chance of sticking to that resolution. A healthy body means a healthy mind ready to meet any further challenges that 2021 throws at us!

Happy New year to all... Annette x