10 April 2014
DID YOU KNOWThe 26 bones in our foot start to develop in the foetus and continue until late teens Feet are great indicator's of our general health.The earlier we start to look after our feet the better, our feet give clues to diabetes,athritis,circulatory and neurological diseases to name but a few. A common complication of diabetes is nerve damage,which causes loss of sensation and you may not feel injury or extreme heat or cold on your feet. A good therapist and a good reflexologist are worth their weight in gold often being the first person to detect the danger signs that can lead to serious illness.Our own super luxury pedicure "Soul Essential" is we think pretty special,designed to engage sight sound touch and fragrance The treatment takes place in a quiet dimly lit room with classical soothing music that helps your client to relax before the treatment begins. Watch this space there is much more to come.Annette.