Be Happy in Your Skin

4 September 2019


FOLLOWERS of B-Line will know I am a great fan of exfoliation, the simplest way of freshening up both face and body. And while Body and Sole Exfoliant (we use natural bamboo rather than plastic microbeads) is one of our hero products I also believe that dry body brushing gets results.

These can be seen in lots of ways, not only refining skin texture by removing dead skin cells but also stimulating the lymphatic system to improve sluggish circulation and help eliminate toxins. Using a soft, natural bristle brush (choose from our long-handled or handheld options), start from the toes and stroke smoothly upwards towards the heart.

Repeat six to eight strokes from foot to calf, then up each thigh front and back before starting on the palm of each hand. Work up the arm to the shoulder and over the back if mobility allows (I prefer the long-handled brush for this reason). Skin will be left tingling and healthy-looking as new cells are encouraged to the surface.

I have also heard it said regular body brushing can help reduce the look of cellulite by re-distributing fat cells. I feel this might be an exaggeration... although if combined with good diet and plenty of exercise, you might be onto a winner!

If you haven't yet tried body brushing, give it a go before bath or shower and let us know how you get on.

Annette x