Three Steps to a Fabulous Flawless Self-Tan

28 July 2017


SELF-TANNING is the quickest and safest way to acquire that sun-kissed golden glow which for many women provides the final touch when wearing their summer wardrobe. Applying self-tan effectively, however, is not always so easy.

Follow our step-by-step guide to ensure you enjoy a streak-free summer and wear your holiday swimsuit with confidence:

Step 1... Exfoliate all over using a loofah in the shower to slough-off dead skin cells for a smoother, more even tan. Finish with a blast of cold water to close the pores. B-Line Body and Sole Exfoliant uses natural bamboo to create the scrub effect.

Step 2... Moisturise generously with B-Line Hand and Body Lotion paying special attention to areas prone to dryness such as elbows and feel. Dry areas will soak up the colour and leave a patchy tan.

Step 3... Apply self-tan with our B-Line mitt, less likely to leave streaks than using hands and fingers.Start with feet and work upwards to the neck using long, vertical strokes. Using the other side of the mitt, wipe off any excess on palms and an oil-free make-up wipe to clean-up cuticles on fingers and toes.

It is a simple tried-and-tested process but if you can't be bothered then book a professional airbrush session at your nearest salon and be sure to follow steps one and two before you go. The first two steps are also essential if you prefer to build-up a natural tan through sunbathing... standard advice is to stay under cover between 11am and 2pm, re-apply sunscreen regularly and drink lots of water to keep hydrated. B-Line Aromatic Gel will cool and soothe the skin if you've been out too long... take care and have fun!