Nut-free... better safe than sorry

30 November 2018


dictionary definition
: an oasis of calm 

Serenity Massage Oil was born out of my desire to create a sensual body oil safe for use by those with a nut allergy while still leaving the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. I was also keen to ensure the oil had the right therapeutic qualities for professional use in spa and salon as well as being easy to use for couples at home.

Recent events as reported in the media, some with tragic consequences, have reinforced the critical importance of being extra-vigilant not only in terms of what is eaten but when it comes to choosing skincare products.

Our unique formulation combines four premium mood-enhancing essential oils (neroli, geranium, rose and lavender) with a carrier oil of safflower rather than the most common base oil of almond. Safflower is known for its anti-inflammatory and skin soothing properties which gives Serenity added benefits.

We like to think the beautiful fragrance helps create a sensual and totally relaxing experience, an oasis of calm and a little bit of well-deserved 'me time' in today's hectic world.

Working with our in-house chemist we were aware that some people with an allergy to nuts may also be advised to avoid seeds, which means they should probably not use oils based on grapeseed, a common alternative to almond.

So-called 'plain' non-fragranced oils such as those designed for use on babies, may be gentle and nut/seed free but not necessarily suitable for adult skin or for use in a professional environment. Our light therapeutic oil can be used for professional massage or applied on warm, dry skin after a bath at home. If you have a willing partner who is happy to give you a massage, even better...!

While it's true to say not everyone is so severely affected that the mere touch of nut can cause a reaction, it is surely better to be safe than sorry.

Annette x

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Serenity Oil 100ml

Safflower Oil
Safflower oil (Carthamus Tinctorius), extracted from the seeds of the thistle-like Safflower plant and used for centuries in both Eastern and Western culture, has many benefits. An excellent lubricant, it harnesses the skin's own moisture working in synergy to soften dryness and smooth roughness. It contains Vitamin E, beneficial to acne, and can help fade scarring. Linoleic acid promotes better circulation, helping relax the muscles while restoring your natural oil balance.
Geranium Essential Oil
This oil suits most skin types and has calming and stabilizing properties said to promote skin rejuvenation and speed the healing process. This oil will help to improve lymphatic drainage and combat sluggish circulation.
Neroli Essential Oil
One of the most expensive natural oils, neroli is excellent for calming the skin, relieving nervous tension and anxiety.  It is a natural tranquilliser.
Lavender Essential Oil
Used for centuries this tried and tested oil is a versatile addition to any home... soothing, healing, relaxing, refreshing and antiseptic. Good for bruised skin.
Rose Essential Oil
A wonderful fortifier and tonic and good for the circulatory and respiration systems. Some say good for people who complain of frigidity (we couldn't possibly comment!).