Soothe Those Aching Tootsies

11 December 2014

The next few weeks are going to be among the most hectic of the year.We will be frantically caught up in the Razz Ma Taz of White Christmas and Jingle Bells, so don't forget about your feet.Hot, throbbing tootsies are a no-no at any time especially during the season of goodwill.

A  Quick Foot Care Fix For Hardworking Tootsies

1 If possible have two pairs of shoes with you and change every couple of hours.

2 Spray B-Line cool cool foot spray into your shoes, then onto your feet. This feels great and has an immediate soothing feeling. This spray will go through tights and light socks.

3 If you have a break for 15/30 mins try kneading the sole's of your feet with your thumbs, or you could sit comfortably for 10 mins with your feet raised, this will certainly help your circulation.

4 Apply a generous dollop of Feet Treat to the soles of your feet. This can also be applied over tights.

This should definately help to keep the smile on your face. MERRY CHRISTMAS be back soon Annette.