Amazing results from B-Line Erase

3 March 2016


To mark the first anniversary of B-Line launching Erase, a revolutionary new spray-on treatment for stubborn, hard dry skin on the feet, we asked foot health professionals (therapists and chiropodists) to share some feedback.

The results of our informal survey, carried out in January, showed a 100 per cent satisfaction rate among clients with many salons reporting an increase in their foot care business since introducing Erase into their treatment offering. One chiropodist said:

"it had cut down the time required to carry out treatment enabling her to fit in an extra home visit during the day, making her more time efficient."

For those salons offering the B-Line Foot Smoothie - Erase is an integral element of this mini pedicure - the results were even more impressive. Jayne Snowden, from Serenity Beauty in Hitchin, said:

"Clients love their smooth feet afterwards and are booking more frequently to maintain the benefits. Erase is a brilliant product which just 'sheds away' old skin and leaves younger-looking feet!"

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey and we hope you enjoy using our 'thank you' gift of a wooden foot rasp.