World Diabetes Day puts focus on good foot health

8 November 2019


AS an early pioneer of specialist foot care in the beauty industry, I have always been aware that people with diabetes have to take extra-special care of their feet. All B-Line products are therefore diabetic friendly and safe to use at home.

With World Diabetes Day coming up (November 14th) we take this opportunity to reinforce the importance of good foot health for us all. Our top tips for maintaining good foot hygiene apply not only to those who live with diabetes but to athletes, sportsmen, children and indeed anyone who works their feet hard!

Obviously, we are not medics. And while it's vital patients follow their doctor's advice and attend their local diabetic clinic for regular checks, we've drawn up some simple guidelines which can be easily incorporated into anyone's self-care routine (myself included!) to keep those tootsies healthy and happy!

* Wear well-fitting shoes that are not too tight to avoid rubbing the skin and causing a blister

* Use B-Line Foot Spray inside footwear to keep those nasties at bay... if you sweat excessively try not to wear the same pair two days running

* Walk as much as possible to maintain good circulation and help reduce risk of ulcers

* Nerve damage can cause numbness, so check your feet daily for any cuts or grazes that might lead to infection, that in turn could result in serious complications

* Bathe feet in lukewarm water and dry carefully, especially between the toes as moisture can lead to fungal growth

*  Massage gently with a nourishing foot cream like three-in-one Feet Treat and wear clean, dry socks preferably in natural fibre

* Seek professional help with cutting nails and removing hard skin

Finally, while walking barefoot can help keep us grounded, maintain posture and keep muscles flexible, we would not advise this for anyone with diabetes... the smallest accidental cut or graze could be difficult to heal and possibly lead to serious consequences.

B-Lines foot care range is diabetic friendly and in common with all our products, free from parabens and phthalates. Products are plant-based around our signature formulation of Tea Tree Oil (antiseptic) and Oil of Lavender (healing). You can see our full collection with user testimonials, features and benefits here 

I hope these tips help keep you on your toes when it comes to preventive foot health... until next time!

Annette x