Premium Melts with Natural Beeswax

1 October 2021


OUR search for a supplier of natural melts for use in home and salon, has been a joyful experience. Working with Beeswax Alchemy, a small independent studio in Devon we are proud to launch an exclusive Lavender and Geranium Melt created for B-Line using our signature formulation. Those of you with fond memories of our Lavender and Geranium Candle will be thrilled!

Made from their own hives and the hives of other West Country beekeepers, we love the fact these beeswax melts are 100 per cent natural and eco-friendly compared to similar products which often use soy or paraffin wax. Both these production methods are harmful to the environment.

The use of natural beeswax in our melt, blended with organic coconut oil and made by hand, means our gorgeous melts have many advantages over conventional production methods.

  • no artificial additives
  • longer lasting fragrance due to better retention of essential oils
  • longer burning time thanks to higher melting point
  • neutralising odours and dust (during burning) cleaning the air through generation of negative ions
  • generates less soot which also helps keep the atmosphere clean


Wax made by bees is the most natural wax possible and makes an efficient, high-quality product renowned from the time of ancient Egypt for its bright, clean flame. As someone who plants her garden to attract bees, an added benefit for me is that use of beeswax promotes the importance of nature by putting the spotlight on these hard-working little creatures, a critical part of the eco-system.

This year's Big Bee Challenge saw children around the country getting involved in all kinds of activities related to the fascinating world of bees, with a huge rise reported in the number of people taking up beekeeping.

Buying our beeswax melts is a small way in which you can support this ongoing challenge to help the bee population thrive, creating delicious honey as they go about pollinating our gardens as well as making wax.

Annette x