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Anti-Stress Gift Set

Feeling stressed and struggling to sleep?  This simple two-step routine uses essential oils and plant extracts to help calm the mind and relax the body to aid restful sleep. The ultimate example of self-love!read more…

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Anti-Stress Gift Set

Anti-Stress Spa Bath 300ml | Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil 100ml | FREE Body Mitt

Price: £40.50

The five essential oils in our anti-stress products are carefully selected for their relaxing properties. The combination of clary sage, geranium, marjoram, lavender and orange helps relieve tense muscles and calm those whirring thoughts! 

Anti-Stress Spa Bath

A relaxing bath before bed not only feels comforting but is also shown to be good for us, helping to fall asleep faster. Apply with body mitt if you prefer shower to bath.

Anti-Stress Oil

Massage all over to leave skin feeling soft and smooth paying special attention to problem areas such as neck and shoulders where stress and tension can often be found.

To maximise the sleep-inducing benefits of a hot bath, you might like to try our exclusive pillow spray Sleep Treat