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Serenity Gift Set

Serenity bath and body set (nut free) plus Body and Sole Exfoliant.  Lose yourself in the sensual fragrance of a relaxing bath, followed by an all-over massage… a truly indulgent gift for someone special.

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Serenity Gift Set

Serenity Oil 100ml | Serenity Bath Creme 300ml | Body and Sole Exfoliant 200ml | FREE Body Mitt

Price: £68.75

The centrepiece of this gorgeous gift is our indulgent and luxurious massage oil created from four premium mood-enhancing essential oils: rose, geranium, lavender and neroli. This delicate nut-free therapeutic oil envelops you ‘in a warm cocoon of pleasure’ while moisturising and conditioning the skin. 

For maximum benefit, we suggest you start with Body and Sole to exfoliate the skin, refining the texture using firm circular movements to improve circulation. Use body mitt to remove any excess. Then sink into a Serenity Crème Bath, losing yourself in the sensual fragrance before towelling dry and applying Serenity Oil.

We would be thrilled to find this under the Christmas tree!