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Footcare Survival Kit - Save: £7.40

Just because we have swapped sandals for boots doesn’t mean we should abandon our feet! Say goodbye to stubborn hard skin and unsightly cracked heels and help keep feet in tip top condition. Perfect for him and herread more…

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Erase 50ml | Wooden Foot Rasp | Feet Treat 150ml

Endorsed by beauty bloggers and others during the summer lockdown, this simple home footcare routine uses our revolutionary spray with double-sided foot file to remove stubborn hard skin and cracked heels… perfect for him and her.

Follow with our top-selling foot cream, a nourishing, three-in-one formulation for daily use to maintain results… antiseptic, gentle exfoliant and rich moisturiser.

Erase... a ground-breaking treatment spray originally designed for professional use. Simple to use and great value (a little goes a long way) Erase gives impressive results with just one application, even with a chronic persistent hard skin problem. Just spray onto the affected area and rasp as required... see dry skin fall away to reveal soft, healthy skin beneath. Read more

Wooden Foot Rasp... recommended by professional therapists, this double-sided rasp is easy to clean and will last for ages with proper care.

Feet Treat...packed with essential oils and fruit acids, combined with our signature oils of Tea Tree and Lavender, this rich nourishing cream penetrates deep into the top skin layer to stop hard skin before it starts. Use daily for maximum benefit.

Customer comments:

'Having  bought your Footcare Survival Kit  I will never look back, having previously bought endless creams and scrapers that didn't work. It's TRUE what they say 'you get what you pay for' and this is by far the best. My feet feel baby soft.'

Rheanna Beagle, Melton Mowbray

'I use Feet Treat almost every day, plus hard skin spray Erase when necessary, and my chiropodist has remarked that my feet are in very good condition.'

Glynis Dyett, Huntingdon

'I pay £85 a pop for a so-called 'medical pedicure' from a high-end brand that doesn't give anywhere near these results. Erase lives up to its promise, and more... thank you.'

Christine Thomasson, Cheshire


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