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All our oils are 100% pure and sourced only from suppliers offering the highest quality grade oil available to ensure maximum benefit for our customers.

  • TeaTree with Lavender Oil 10ml TeaTree with Lavender Oil 10ml



    We call this our first aid kit in a bottle. The combination of essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender brings together a powerful antiseptic with a soothing analgesic. Perfect for a host of everyday ailments from a grazed knee to insect bite.
  • Lavender and Geranium Oil 10ml Lavender and Geranium Oil 10ml

    Improves Circulation


    A fragrant oil to lift your mood and help balance mind, body and spirit. Would make an ideal stocking filler for Christmas.
  • Lavender Oil 10ml Lavender Oil 10ml



    A versatile remedy for many everyday ailments, pure essence of Lavender can change your mood in an instant. Ideal if you have trouble sleeping - no need to count sheep! Would make an ideal Christmas stocking filler.
  • Tea Tree Oil 10ml Tea Tree Oil 10ml
    This unusual combination of Tea Tree and Aloe Vera is part of B-Line's sister range, Tea Tree Direct. A versatile and multi-purpose natural antiseptic.