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Essential Oils

Essential oils are frequently referred to as the soul of the plant. B-Line’s concentrated essences are skilfully blended to capture the potency of the plants from which they are distilled, giving them the power to evoke emotion, enhance mood, aid relaxation and balance mind, body and spirit. 

All our oils are 100% pure and sourced only from suppliers offering the highest quality grade oil available to ensure maximum benefit for our customers.

Essential Oils
  • Lavender and Geranium Oil 10ml Lavender and Geranium Oil 10ml

    Improves Circulation


    A fragrant oil to lift your mood and help balance mind, body and spirit
  • Lavender Oil 10ml Lavender Oil 10ml



    A versatile remedy for many everyday ailments, pure essence of Lavender can change your mood in an instant. Ideal if you have trouble sleeping - no need to count sheep!