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Deluxe Foot Maintenance Kit

This handy kit will help keep your feet in good condition preventing build-up of unsightly hard skin which can impact not only self-confidence but the way we walk. Ideal for use at home or on holiday to ensure hygiene and more…

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This handy kit meets the combined need for hygiene and comfort when it comes to well-groomed feet. Effective and easy to use as part of a DIY home pedicure, it is also a vital essential when travelling, especially in a hot climate. Small sizes meet airline requirements. Contains three products to keep skin smooth and feet fresh plus free pumice stone/nail brush.

Kit comprises:

Foot Spray 50ml
Use as required to refresh, cool and deodorise hot, tired feet. Can also be sprayed inside shoes and trainers to help fight fungal infection and neutralise the bacteria that can cause odour. Helps relieve swollen feet and ankles during long-haul flights.

Heel Appeal 100ml
Deeply, penetrating urea-based softening cream to tackle dry skin around heels and ball of foot. When condition is improved, maintain results with daily application of Feet Treat.

Feet Treat 100ml
Rich, three-in-one daily cream containing the finest essential oils and natural fruit acids. Acts as moisturiser, antiseptic and gentle exfoliant. Used and recommended by chiropodists and professional therapists.

Pumice stone/nail brush
Our gift to you, with compliments.

Customer comments:

‘My wife came across B-Line some years ago at Ragdale Hall and we have purchased your products ever since. Our favourite is the excellent Feet Treat… nothing else comes close.’
Kevin O’Sullivan, Nottingham

‘I have just started to use Heel Appeal to tackle hard skin on the outer edge of my big toes and I have noticed skin is less dry and cracking is reduced. I love the texture of this cream and the fragrance of Tea Tree Oil with Lavender.’
Liz Atkins, St Albans