Deluxe Footcare Kit

There’s no ‘tip toeing’ around the fact that cracked, dry skin, and sore heels look rather off-putting whether you’re into sport or just wanting to show-off a lovely pair of sandals. Our ‘deluxe’ footcare kit is perfect for men and women who want to maintain good foot more…

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Deluxe Footcare Kit

Say ‘goodbye’ to persistent hard, dry skin and sore cracked heels which can affect the way we walk and run. Our ‘deluxe’ home footcare solution with simple three-step guide helps maintain good foot health. Just one treatment will make a noticeable difference… promise!

Kit comprises:

Erase 50ml
Simple spray treatment… see it to believe it!

Heel Appeal 50ml
Deeply penetrating urea-based softening cream

Feet Treat 50ml
Highly-concentrated three-in-one moisturising cream containing the finest essential oils and fruit acids

Pumice Stone
To exfoliate dry skin after spraying with Erase; for tough, problematic areas we recommend using B-Line’s professional wooden foot rasp