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Deodorising Cooling Foot Spray 200ml

Hot holiday feet need a siesta! This exhilarating family-size spray will soothe and invigorate feet, and kill off anything that might upset your foot karma. An effective sanitizer if your usual product is not available... use on hands and more…

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Your feet are crying out for this refreshing foot mist. Spray it directly onto the foot, or into shoes or trainers (you can even spray it through tights and socks) and it gets to work soothing, deodorising and generally being very nice to your feet while subtly 'doing away with' all the bacterial and fungal beasties that can give you a bad foot day.

It's also ideal for sporty types and post-swimming hygiene.

NOTE: An effective sanitizer if your usual product is not available. Be careful near naked flame if using on kitchen surfaces.


Key Ingredients
• Essential Oil of Tea Tree
• Essential Oil of Lavender

• Fungicide and viricide
• Alleviates bacterial infections
• Antiseptic and healing
• Cooling and soothing
• Controls secretions
• Deodorises unpleasant odours
• Relieves irritations
• Moisturising and softening

How to use
• An all-round family product designed for daily use
• Ideal protection for use before and after swimming/gym
• Ideal for active sports people
• Reduces the risk of cross infection by spraying inside shoes and trainers
• Can be sprayed through stockings or tights
• An essential product in hot and cold climates
• Aids relief of hot swollen ankles and legs on long haul flights and travel
• Suitable for diabetics


'I have two teenage boys who wear trainers all the time. I have now insisted they spray their feet and inside their trainers every day if possible. The rest of the family agree life is now much sweeter, thank goodness.'

Mrs H Lind, North Devon

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