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Home Maintenance Footcare Kit

Your feet are a great indicator of your general overall health.This little kit will give you a step by step guide of how to deal with hard cracked, sore heels. It is exceptional good more…

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This kit gives you the opportunity to try these products and 'Experience The Difference' of well groomed feet. A vital part of your holiday kit.

Feet Treat 50ml
A highly concentrated, penetrating foot cream containing the finest of essential oils and fruit acids. Feet Treat is used and recommended by podiatrists and therapists worldwide.

Heel Appeal 50ml
A deeply penetrating urea-based softening cream for visibly sore,cracked heels. When condition has improved, maintain healthy feet with our daily maintenance cream Feet Treat.

Foot Spray 60ml
This all-round family foot spray is designed for daily use. It will help refresh, cool and deodorise your feet. Ideal for relief of hot, swollen ankles and legs during long haul flights and travel.

Pumice Stone
Used to buff and help exfoliate those tough areas of dry skin.