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Home Treatment Kit

Designed for those with chronic dry, cracked skin and sore heels. Whether you are into sport or wanting to show-off a lovely pair of sandals, good foot health is vital and that is where we come in. Includes free pumice stone/ more…

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Say ‘goodbye’ to persistent, hard dry skin and sore cracked heels with our unique home footcare solution to help keep feet healthy. Just one treatment will make a noticeable difference… promise! For full details of each product please follow the links below.

Kit comprises:

Erase 50ml
Highly effective treatment for use with B-Line’s double-sided wooden foot rasp. For best results soak feet first in Top-to-Toe, dry thoroughly and spray over affected area. Results need to be seen to be believed!

Feet Treat 100ml
Follow with our rich, penetrating foot cream containing the finest essential oils and natural fruit acids. Acts as moisturiser, antiseptic and gentle exfoliant. Massage daily to maintain smooth skin for longer. Used and recommended by chiropodists and professional therapists.

Pumice stone/nail brush
Our gift to you, with our compliments

Customer comments:

‘B-Line promises a noticeable difference after just one Erase treatment… well, I can vouch for that!
Yemi King, ‘The Bespoke Black Book’

‘I use Feet Treat every day plus hard skin spray Erase when necessary and my chiropodist has remarked that my feet are in very, good condition.’
Glynis Dyett, Huntingdon