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Wooden Rasp For Feet

Exclusive to B-Line in the UK, this double-sided, long handled wooden foot rasp is extremely effective and will last you for ages.

Hygienic and easy to keep clean. A favourite of chiropodists/ podiatrists and professional therapists worldwide. read more…

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Each side of this foot rasp has varying strength grades. Use with B-Line Erase treatment spray for best results.

Side 1:  Ideal for stubborn, hard skin usually found on the heels and ball of foot.

Side 2: For less-stubborn dry skin, and as a follow-on to Side 1, use to smooth and prime the skin in readiness for moisturiser or foot care cream... choose from one of the below.

We recommend Heel Appeal, Feet Treat or Foot and Leg Lotion to be be used after removing hard skin to hydrate and soften the healthy skin beneath. Apply liberally and massage gently on a daily basis.

Customer comment:

'The B-Line wooden foot file is literally the best foot rasp ever - I have been using it for years and haven't found anything that comes close.'

Amy Rennocks, Leicester

Our professionals love this product!

'The B-Line Wooden Foot Rasp is the best we have ever used... strong flexible and very easy to keep clean'

Claire Stokes
Salon Owner, Grantham

Andrea Ashley
Salon Owner, Cambridgeshire

Deborah Woodbury
Salon Owner, Hertford

Angela Smithson
Trainer and Freelance Beauty Executive, Melbourne