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Anti-Stress Spa Bath 300ml

A rich fragranced bubbly body cleanser designed to clear your mind and relax tired aching muscles. Its great in the shower or in my case the bath. "Sheer Bliss"read more…

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B-Line Anti-Stress Spa Bath is a heavenly body wash that can literally soothe away the stresses and strains of the day with a fragrance that sets the mood for an interesting evening...


Key Ingredients
• Essential Oil of Geranium
• Essential Oil of Clary Sage
• Essential Oil of Orange
• Essential Oil of Lavender
• Essential Oil of Marjoram

• Gently cleansing
• Comforting and relaxing
• Relieves tension, stress and circulatory problems
• Reduces fluid retention
• Reconditions and rejuvenates
• Boosts the immune system
• Analgesic qualities

• Use daily in bath/shower
• Use after exercise to relieve tension in tired muscles
• Mood enhancing
• Helps induce sleep when used at night
• For maximum benefit use in conjunction with Body and Sole Exfoliant and Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil

'I travel thousands of miles a year in hot climates and as soon as I hit my hotel room,I have a long shower with this product. It is one of my '"essentials".Instant rejuvenation and free of tension.Thank you B-line'

Jeremy Healy,London.