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'Detox' Massage Oil 100ml

The ultimate blend of pure massage oils designed to boost your circulation, combat fluid retention and blitz that cellulite while firming and toning the skin.We also recommend Body and Sole Exfoliant plus our Body Brush.This can be used to control and improve cellulite,how-ever if you are over weight we advise a calorie controlled more…

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Real power plants! This oil contains carefully selected, potent plants that firm up your skin and frisk up your circulation – and who knows where that might lead! Use it in conjunction with Body & Sole Exfoliant and our Body Brush to really get things glowing.

Customer Comments

'I gained quite a lot of weight after the birth of my last baby and was determined to get back into shape so I joined weight watchers.I was also advised by the trainer at my sports club to use B-Line Detox Bath and Detox Massage Oil daily.I was shown how to use the body brush.After the first two/three weeks I could see a difference and I felt good about myself and had compliments from my friends. I feel happy and am looking forward to getting back into my bikini.It was quite challenging but a combination of a controlled diet ,Detox Oil,and exercise definately worked for me.'

Mrs J Bradley,Notts