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Serenity Oil 100ml

Serenity Massage Oil is a fusion of four premium mood-enhancing essential oils that create an irresistible fragrance: Rose, Geranium, Lavender and Neroli. A luxurious formulation for use in massage or after a relaxing bath.The oil is 'nut free' and promotes relaxation while helping to relieve tension and more…

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A beautiful and delicate oil that envelops you in a warm cocoon of pleasure, to moisturise and condition your skin while harmonising inner and outer beauty. This light 'nut-free' therapeutic massage oil brings together four premium mood-enhancing essential oils to create an irresistible fragrance to 'caress the skin and nourish the senses'.It is quite exceptional.

Serenity Nut Free Body Range created initially for use in Professional Health Hydro’s and exclusive Salons in the U.K. a luxury massage oil to be used on people with nut allergies and sensitive skin.

The following oils were chosen because I am a great believer in “Flower Power”.
Safflower Oil
Safflower oil (Carthamus Tinctorius) is extracted from the seeds of the Safflower plant used for centuries in both Eastern and Western cultures, it is a white thistle like plant that has excellent lubricant qualities. Safflower oil has many benefits, it harnesses the skins own moisture while working in synergy with  your own skin to soften dryness and smooth roughness, the oil has lots of Vitamin E is beneficial to acne and can even fade scarring. It contains linoleic acid pressed from the flower petal, it promotes better circulation and muscle relaxation while restoring your natural oil balance.
Geranium Essential Oil
This  oil suits most skin types and has calming and stabilizing properties, it promotes skin rejuvenation and is said to speed healing. This oil will help to improve lymphatic draining while combating sluggish circulation.
Neroli Essential Oil
One of the most expensive oils ,it is excellent for calming the skin, relieving nervous tension and anxiety.  It is a natural tranquiliser.
Lavender Essential Oil
Tried tested soothing, healing versatile, relaxing, refreshing and antiseptic. Good on bruised skin.
Rose Essential Oil
Is a wonderful fortifier and tonic and good for the circulatory and respiration systems. Some say good for people who complain of frigidity.

'This is by far the best oil we have used. My local salon in Rugby first used it when my partner and myself had a relaxing massage, it was so good we now use it at home. We both have stressful jobs, it relieves tension and stress, and helps us sleep. It is wonderful. I also sometimes use it as a perfume.'

Mr & Mrs R Holmes, Rugby

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