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Shower Bath Crème 300ml

This will perk you up – a gentle,gentle uplifting,crème bath,with a subtle fragrance that will relax, sooth and cleanse leaving your skin velvety soft.It is pure and effective on the most sensitive of more…

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This creamy textured bubbly body cleansing bath is just the best ever for sensitive skin, it is lightly fragranced and has a gentle foaming action for thorough cleansing, it may be used to replace soap.

Key Ingredients
• Essential Oil of Tea Tree
• Essential Oil of Lavender

• Moisturising and conditioning
• Cleansing
• Natural pH balance
• Fragranced
• Relaxing and uplifting
• Fungicidal and viricidal
• Antiseptic
• Anti-bacterial

• Has a gentle foaming action for thorough cleansing
• Add directly to bath water, or use in shower
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Can be used on a sponge or flannel in place of soap


'This is brilliant,it is so gentle on my sensitive skin, my husband and myself love it, he showers  but I love my long lingering bath, I also use your Body and Sole Exfoliant that is also fab.'

Mrs K Fiddler Allington