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Summer Must-Haves

Our five summer ‘must-haves’ offer head-to-toe TLC to help you look and feel fabulous: Body and Sole Exfoliant, Shower/Bath Crème, Aromatic Gel, Feet Treat and Coconut Hair and Body Oil. Products can be purchased separately or choose our pamper pack and save more…

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Our ultimate pamper pack brings together five summer essentials to help you look and feel fabulous whether at home, planning a staycation or venturing further afield… enjoy some well-deserved TLC from head to toe.

Body and Sole Exfoliant… prep the skin with this bamboo scrub before self-tan or applying sun protection

Aromatic Gel… cooling lotion to smooth and soften the skin after sun exposure

Feet Treat… a rich three-in-one cream packed with botanicals to maintain healthy feet

Shower/Bath Crème… pH balanced cleanser for everyday family use

Coconut Hair and Body Oil… can be used all over to condition scalp and skin and keep hair looking glossy

*Products can be purchased separately