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Nail Oil 10ml

Step 2 on your journey to nail Nirvana – soften up those cuticles with this  soya-based conditioning oil extra rich in protein to promote healthy nail more…

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Rips, nicks and tears in the cuticle are bad news for nails. Apply this oil liberally and massage into nail plate and cuticles to lubricate, soften and promote healthy nail growth. If you wish, start with B-Line's Top-to-Toe Soak; dry hands and nails with care and follow with Nail Treat No 2.


Apply to the base of the nail and smooth in with gentle firm movements. For maximum benefit , use at night and follow with Nail Treat No 3 (cuticle cream) to seal.


Customer Comments

Customer comments

'I carry your little bottle of nail oil in my bag and it has proved such a boost. I have never had good strong nails but the improvement since I started using this oil has been exceptional.'

G.Williams, Aylesbury, Bucks.