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Lavender Oil 10ml

A versatile remedy for many everyday ailments, pure essence of Lavender can change your mood in an instant. Ideal if you have trouble sleeping - no need to count sheep! Would make an ideal Christmas stocking more…

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Pure essence of Lavender can change your mood in an instant - and carry you away to sleepy-byes if you have mild insomnia.

It sounds so innocent – but don’t be fooled. Lavender contains a potent mood-enhancing oil that some folk massage into the temples to ease a migraine or headache. Pure pleasure or pain relief – it's all in one bottle!

10ml 100% essential oil

 Key Ingredients

  • Lavandula Angustifolia

Used for centuries by Greeks, Romans and medieval monks. Lavender is a versatile, evergreen fragrant shrub with blue grey flowers. Created through steam distillation, it takes 2lbs of lavender flowers to produce 10ml of essential oil.


  • Healing and gentle
  • A powerful antiseptic
  • Mild sedative encouraging sleep through inhalation
  • A decongestant
  • Delicate, fragrant, soothing and calming 

Benefits/How to use

  • A multi-functional oil that can be used in the bath or directly onto a shower mitt or sponge
  • A few drops mixed with shampoo will encourage healthy-looking, shiny hair
  • Lavender is antiseptic and may be used for general healing
  • A few drops massaged at the temples may help relieve migraine
  • Used in a diffuser, the delicate fragrance will leave your home fresh and sweet smelling 
  • Similarly, mix with water and spray a fine mist inside drawers and wardrobes (be sure to remove clothing first!)

 Customer comments:

'This essential oil from B-Line is purer and more potent than others I've tried. I have had sleeping troubles for 25 years and just a few drops on my pillow really knocks me out! Thank you.'

Kit Griffiths. Margate