We love to get your calls, letters and emails and especially enjoy hearing about your favourite B-Line products. We work hard to make your shopping experience enjoyable and hassle-free and welcome any feedback that can help us improve our service.

Drop us a note info@b-linebeauty.com or call head office at Harrowby Hall on 01476 590788. Snail mail works just as well, so if you prefer to write a letter that’s OK by us!

Here are just a few of your comments... 

'I have just received my latest order, thank you so much. As usual very timely delivery and packaged exceptionally well with no leakage! I am really pleased you are able to maintain the quality of your products in such difficult times... keep up the good work.'

Linda Shelton, Derby March 2023

 'I absolutely adore B-Line products. My particular favourites are Coconut Hair and Body Oil and Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil. Both have a divine fragrance and excellent qualities for use as a massage medium.'

Meeta Gohil, Mind and body Retreat, Leicester February 2023

'Your new Body and Sole Exfoliant is excellent; not as coarse as the original but does the job just as well. My skin feels wonderfully soft after use... would definitely recommend.'

Joy Townsend, Ashton-under-Lyne August 2022

'I discovered B-Line during a salon leg waxing session years ago and have been addicted to your footcare products ever since, especially Feet Treat and Foot and Leg Lotion. I have just started to use Heel Appeal to tackle hard skin on the outer edge of my big toe and after two weeks I have noticed a difference, less dryness and cracking. I particularly love the texture and fragrance of Tea Tree with Lavender.'

Liz Atkins, St Albans June 2021

'I initially found your products at Ragdale Hall many years ago and have ordered from you ever since. They are fantastic products and I love them all, especially Feet Treat.'

Amanda Green, Barnsley March 2021

'I bought Sleep Treat as I needed something to help me relax and sleep soundly in these troubling times... this product is amazing! After a warm bath and a spritz of Sleep Treat on my pillows, sleep follows quickly and I awake feeling refreshed and alert. B-Line has been a truly serendipitous find for me... thank you.' 

Benita Prince, Grantham February 2021

'After moving to the seaside my partner and I thought more seriously about skincare, worried our joyful sea walks would turn us into salty, windswept crones! B-Line was already a favourite for moisturising our bodies and we were thrilled to find Ultimate Hydrating Creme was also suitable for the face. We use it every day and we're over the moon with the results... skin feels soft, supple and still young!' 

Kit Griffiths, Margate October 2020

'Please don't ever discontinue your Lavender and Geranium Hand and Body Lotion! The fragrance is both uplifting and calming at the same time and I've never been able to find another product with this perfect combination despite looking everywhere! I work on the wards in a hospital and I keep one on my desk to soothe my hands and lift my spirits on a trying day, and again at night before bed to calm and help me sleep.'

Wendy Breare, September 2020

 'Having tried Body Treat for the first time I will not be using High Street products anymore... this cream is amazing! It has a wonderful fragrance, feels great on application and leaves my dry skin feeling soft and hydrated'

Nicolle Moyo, Peterborough September 2020

'OMG! I have never slept so well plus my skin feels amazing. The products in Hug-in-a-Box create a spa-like experience that brought a noticeable improvement in sleep... to be recommended.' 

Julieanne Welburn, Gainsborough July 2020 

'Massaging B-Line Anti-Stress Oil into my shoulders at night has become one of my favourite bedtime rituals... I love it.' 

'Consciously Healthy Emma', health and wellness blogger July 2020


'While I am missing my salon treatments and outings with friends, a lot, B-Line is absolutely able to offer the 'treats' we all so desperately need at this time...'

Michelle Green, Fifty and Fab blogger July 2020

'The B-Line wooden foot file is literally the best foot rasp ever - I have used it for years and haven't found anything that comes close.'

Amy Rennocks, Leicester July 2020

'Having bought your Footcare Survival Kit I will never look back, after previously buying endless creams and scrapers that didn't work. It's TRUE what they say 'you get what you pay for' and this is by far the best. My feet feel baby soft!'

Rheanna Beagle, Melton Mowbray July 2020


'My order came today and what a lovely treat with the chocolate and lavender bag. Thank you... I will definitely order directly from you again.'

Marianne Muldbjerg, Cambridge June 2020


'Delighted to receive your parcel... I love the eco-friendly packaging and the chocolate and lavender scent bag are such a lovely touch...'

Karen Jones, Harrogate March 2020


 'I use Foot and Leg Lotion every day and would be completely lost without it. I love the fragrance and can almost feel it smoothing the skin from the moment it's applied, quite different to any other brand.'

Rita Sheehan, Leicestershire March 2020


'Ultimate Hydrating Creme lives up to its claims - and I speak as a big fan of Body Treat which has made a real difference to my skin after cancer treatment. I can recommend them both.'

Mrs M Bowler, Chesterfield November 2019


'Having tried several B-Line products I can say I love them all! The Hand and Body lotion soaks in beautifully and smells divine while Feet Treat is really effective, leaving my feet soft and smooth, reminding me to look after them better.'

Louise Goss, Editor The Homeworker Magazine March 2019

'My wife came across B-Line some years ago at Ragdale Hall and we have purchased your products ever since. Our favourite is the excellent Feet Treat ... nothing else comes close.'

Kevin O'Sullivan March 2019

'As someone who is constantly on the go, juggling work and running around after children, B-Line products provide a little luxury and a pampering treat in my busy day; I love them all.'

Louise Goss, Editor The Homeworker Magazine March 2019

'I'm new to B-Line, having received Sleep Treat as a Christmas present. I have to say I love this product and would highly recommend its divine fragrance for a perfect night's sleep' 

Theresa Gibson, Northampton January 2019

 'My skin is very thin due to use of steroids and I feel Body Treat is more protective, as well as moisturising, compared to other branded creams. My husband uses it, too, and we love the rich texture and the way it soaks in without leaving any stickiness.' 

Pat Watson, Peterborough February 2019

'I spend a lot of time outdoors on the farm and my hands do need extra attention! I loved Skin Treat straightaway as it glides on easily with no sticky residue and is definitely making a difference; my hands feel softer and smoother.'

Julia Blant, Nottingham January 2019

'Just to let you know I am very happy with all my beautiful products. I loved the extra touch of each item wrapped in tissue and could smell lavender even before opening... very special indeed!'

Alison Nasr, January 2019

'I love the fragrance of your Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil and the way it eases the tension in my shoulders - my daughter massages them for me and I often return the favour! I also send the oil to my sister-in-law in Canada.. .we love it!'

- Yvonne Tooley, Loughborough, January 2019

'I walk a lot and being quite particular about my feet I was drawn to B-Line by the quality of your plant-based products. I use Feet Treat almost every day, plus hard skin spray Erase when necessary, and my chiropodist has remarked that my feet are in very good condition.'   

- Glynis Dyett, Huntingdon January 2019


'Skincare products containing alcohol (and even some which claim not to include it) bring my husband out in an itchy red rash. He was delighted to discover your Mens Aftershave Balm which has the added benefit of a gorgeous fragrance which we both love! Thank you.'

- Sarah Thurlow, Spalding December 2018


'I carry the mini Foot Spray with me everywhere, using it on my feet and inside my shoes after a long hot day in the office (sometimes while in the office!). I love the cooling effect and refreshing scent - good for guys as well as girls!'

- Alham Abawe, director Toppbox Grooming Service, August 2018


'I had to write and tell you that Erase is amazing! I pay £85 a pop for a so-called 'medical pedicure' from a high-end brand and don't get anything like these results. Erase lives up to its promise.. .and more. A rarity and a 'miracle cure' for my crusty hooves.. .thank you.'

- Christine Thomasson, Cheshire June 2018 



'I buy only B-Line products and especially love coming back to them if I have been using alternatives given to me as gifts. That is when I most appreciate the lovely fragrance and how beautifully soft B-Line products make my skin feel.'

- Helen Groke, October 2016


'My order arrived safely and I am now all set for a stress-free summer with happy feet! The lavender flowers in the parcel have been added to my bedroom pot pourri and the little heart-shaped chocolate in its blue foil was a thoughtful reminder to be good to myself as well as to others.'

- Margaret Gilmour, Bolton May 2016



'I have had problems sleeping for some time and tried lots of different products that haven't worked. So it was a pleasant surprise that Sleep Treat sent me to sleep straightaway. It's a lovely fragrance and I am thrilled with it.'

- Pamela Marsh, Northamptonshire April 2016



'I am so happy to have discovered B-Line during my stay at Ragdale Hall where I enjoyed a body scrub and hydrating treatment. I moisturise my body every day and have struggled to find one product to stick with. Needless to say, not any more! I love Body and Sole Exfoliant and Hand and Body Lotion and will definitely recommend your line to my friends and family.'

- Sarah Allender, Sheffield March 2016


'I have just received my order and once again each item was beautifully wrapped and the aroma of the sprinkled lavender seeds when the package was opened was very enticing; the free samples too were much appreciated. Your products are excellent and having first been introduced to them at Ragdale Hall, a few years later I still prefer B-Line to any of the more high-profile brands.'

- Ms Ward, Gerrards Cross  October 2015 



'Erase takes the hard work out of hard skin removal; I have used it myself too and was really impressed as the skin stayed softer for longer'

- Laura Bateman, Skin and Tonic, St Albans January 2015 



'As a reflexologist I have found Erase to be invaluable in removing hard skin, especially with male clients who seem to suffer badly from this problem, making it much easier to manipulate reflex points on the feet'

- Helen Mary Perkins, Peterborough November 2014 



'Heel Appeal is brilliant! There was a remarkable improvement on my very dry and cracked heels within 10 days and the fragrance is so much nicer than other products.’

- Angie Smithson, Derby  



Feet Treat is a gorgeous cream, possibly the best I've found, highly concentrated and bursting with soothing goodies including sunflower seed oil, cocoa seed butter and lavender. I particularly like the Tea Tree Oil which has such a clean fragrance.’

- Gemma Bolton, beauty blogger 



'The B-Line Mens aftershave balm is masculine without being over-powering and left my skin feeling refreshed and cool. My female friends loved it too!'

- Terry Claxton, Lincolnshire



'I was astonished to see an instant improvement after just one application of Skin Treat hand serum. I am using once a day in the evening and next morning my hands look and feel amazing. I am hooked.'

- Theresa Bond, Redditch



'Living in a hot climate and being barefoot much of the time has made my heels dry, cracked and sometimes very sore. Since using Feet Treat the skin has healed and is now soft and supple, where an ointment prescribed by my doctor had failed.'

- Nigel W, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates 



‘I consider myself to have a good beauty regime but have only ever used normal hand cream. I was introduced to B-Line’s Skin Treat and was intrigued at the idea of a mushroom-based serum. I used my first bottle and ordered a second as I definitely can see the skin on my hands looks brighter and feels smooth. It’s a real treat to use every morning to start my day.’

- Roseanne Steedman, Market Harborough



‘As a retired pharmacist I am a big fan of tea tree because of its natural antiseptic properties - my first B-Line product was the foot powder over 10 years ago. It is so soft and silky I use it like talc.’

- Margaret Gilmour, Bolton



‘I love B-Line products because they are plant-based and for their fresh, clean fragrance. I use the cuticle cream and my absolute favourite is Feet Treat which I use on a daily basis.’

- Suzanne Macwhannell, London 



‘I use the Foot and Leg Lotion daily as it’s the only thing I’ve found that soothes my varicose veins. On the odd occasion when there has been a problem it was resolved immediately with no quibbles - customer service is absolutely brilliant.’

- Jane Eaton, Bournemouth


‘The ingredients are simple and effective and I can trust the products. I especially love Feet Treat – no other foot cream comes close – and the cuticle cream, which softens the skin and strengthens the nails at the same time. I am not comfortable with the internet and used to get in a muddle online. Everyone was so patient with me when I called for help – it’s a pleasure to deal with B-Line.’

- Pat Bizley, Swanage


‘We've used B-Line since we discovered it at Ragdale Hall and wouldn't swap it for anything else. Body and Sole exfoliator and Foot and Leg Lotion are so moisturising on my dry skin and because it’s not heavily perfumed we both can use the lotion… we love it.’

- Jean and Harry Carter, High Wycombe