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Skin Treat Hand Serum 30ml

Lighten,Tighten, Brighten. Skin Treat is a luxurious,deeply moisturising hand serum with shiitake mushroom extracts. This amazing serum re-hydrates and firms the skin while improving the appearance of age spots and scarring.  
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One small pump of this intriguing serum is all you need to help lighten age spots, firm up the skin and soften wrinkles. A seriously intense serum with a surprising ingredient.

Shiitake mushroom extract to be precise, which contains gotukola – a potent anti-oxidant. Along with kojic acid and herb extracts, this fusion of flora will help firm the skin and lighten age spots with regular use.

Customer Comments

'I was intrigued at the idea of a mushroom based serum and can definately see the skin on my hands looks brighter and feels smooth. Its a real treat to use every morning to start my day.

Roseanne S,Market Harborough.


SHIITAKE mushroom Facts

SHIITAKE mushroom, our ‘magic’ ingredient is a natural anti-oxidant that has been prized for centuries in the Far East for its medicinal and health-giving properties.

The mushroom’s kojic acid is said to prevent the formation of melatonin (pigment) resulting in brighter skin, while it’s astringent quality can temporarily tighten the skin giving a taut appearance.