Flower Power

What do we mean by essential oils?

Depending on the species of plant, essential oils are extracted through petals, leaves, roots, buds, twigs, bark, resin or fruit. The most common way of extraction is through steam distillation. Research shows that for centuries people relied on essential oils as natural remedies for a variety of ailments. Indeed without the power of natural flowers and plants in those days there would have been very little medicine to help relieve sickness and pain.


Essential oils in B-line products
Over 30 years ago, B-Line was the first company in Britain to produce a range of beauty products based around Tea Tree Oil.

Today, our unique combination of Tea Tree Oil with Lavender Oil remains the heart of the B-Line range, harnessing the natural therapeutic and healing qualities of both these exceptional ingredients.

Tea Tree Oil is the strongest natural antiseptic known to man, while Lavender has for centuries been prized for its soothing and healing properties. Working in synergy for maximum benefit, together they create B-Line's signature formulation which combines with additional plant extracts for different products, whether for feet, body or hands.

As well as these two signature oils we also incorporate several other essential oils and plant extracts across the B-Line range, hand crafted in small batches by our own in-house chemist. Working to our unique personal formulations this ensures the very highest quality in line with our own values and exemplary standards. Our aim is to create products with beautiful fragrance, texture and proven results to 'nourish your senses and harmonise inner and outer beauty'.

Below are some of the essential oils that help make B-Line products so effective:



This fragrant herb comes in hundreds of varieties with a long history of traditional medicinal use. One of B-Line’s two signature oils, it grows well in a domestic setting and has pride of place in the garden of our head office, Harrowby Hall.

Renowned for its soothing, healing qualities Lavandula Angustifolia is anti-fungal, antiseptic, antioxidant and anti-bacterial. One of the most popular and versatile of oils.

Its fragrance is said to improve sleep, calm the nerves to reduce anxiety and help relieve stress. Applying a few drops to the temples can ease headache.

The whole B-Line product range


Distilled from rose scented pelargoniums

The name is Greek in origin

The plant is a native of South Africa

Light floral fragrance, uplifting, calming and balancing

Excellent for circulatory problems

Promotes healthy skin

USED IN: Ultimate Hydrating Crème and Serenity Massage Oil



Native to Australia, the Tea Tree has small, soft leaves and cream/pink coloured flowers. Steam-distilled from the leaves, the oil has a spicy, nutmeg-like aroma and was used for centuries by the indigenous Aboriginal people.


The distilled oil is a potent healing agent, the strongest known natural antiseptic

It also has antibiotic and anti-fungal properties

B-Line was the first company in the UK to realise the effectiveness of combining Tea Tree Oil and Lavender Oil by creating a range of specialist footcare products

Tea Tree Oil... a first-aid kit in a bottle! Every home should have one.

USED IN: All footcare products



A native of the Mediterranean

The essential oil is captured by distillation of the flowering tops of the leaves

It has a sweet musky herbaceous aroma


The effect is uplifting, cooling and relaxing

Good for aches and pains it is also reputed to be an aphrodisiac (not that we have any personal knowledge, you understand!)

USED IN: Anti Stress Bath and Anti Stress Oil



This sweet oil comes ironically from the white blossoms of the bitter Orange Tree, originating from India and parts of Africa. The sweet floral fragrance has a hint of citrus and should not be confused with Orange Blossom oil.

Ounce for ounce, neroli is said to be one of the world's top ten most expensive oils.


The uplifting fragrance is often used as a top note in premium perfumes

An excellent sedative and anti-depressant

Said to promote healthy skin and improve circulation

USED IN: Sleep Treat and Serenity Massage Oil