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Sleep Treat 30ml

A perfect balance of pure essential oils to calm and relax body and mind...sweet dreams! read more…

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This popular addition to the B-Line range comprises four 100% natural essential oils: neroli, rose, geranium and lavender. Spray lightly on or around the pillow to aid sleep... no more counting sheep!  A perfect complement to B-Line's bath products.

An extremely effective blend of four essential oils to relax the body and calm the mind to promote restful sleep... you might want to treat yourself to some new PJs too! 


Key Ingredients
• Rose
• Geranium
• Neroli
• Lavender

• Soothing and fragrant
• Encourages balance and harmony
• Calms the nerves
• Relieves stress and anxiety
• A natural tranquilliser
• Promotes relaxation
• Will enhance sleep quality
• Nurtures mind and body

How to use
Spray on or around your pillow about 30 minutes before you plan to retire. In winter pop on your electric blanket (if you have one) so you feel immediately warm and toasty. If possible have a relaxing bath/shower (try B-Line Anti-Stress Bath) to help unwind and clear your mind, maybe sip camomile tea and play some soothing music. Sweet dreams...


Helpful Hints
The Sleep Research Society recommends seven hours sleep to maintain healthy body and mind. However about 30 per cent of adults are thought to get less than six hours. Long-term effects range from bad mood, weakened immune system and in some cases weight gain.

In contrast, a good night’s sleep will help repair our body and strengthen the nervous system. Continuous lack of sleep can impair judgment and encourage obesity. Try to make your bedroom an oasis of peace and calm. This means no television or electronic devices. A lumpy mattress doesn't help and try to avoid heavy meals, alcohol and excessive daytime napping

Customer comments:

'I needed something to help me relax and sleep soundly in these troubling times and Sleep Treat is amazing! After a warm bath and a spritz of Sleep Treat on my pillows I find sleep follows quickly and I awake feeling refreshed and alert. B-Line has been a truly serendipitous discovery.. .thank you.'

Benita Prince, Grantham


'Having received Sleep Treat as a Christmas gift I have to say I love this product and would highly recommend its divine fragrance for a perfect night's sleep'

Theresa Gibson, Northampton

 'Sleep Treat has the most delicate fragrance... the best I've tried'

Mrs A  Nasr, Purley

'I have had sleeping problems for some time and tried lots of products that haven't worked. Sleep Treat sent me to sleep straightaway... I was surprised myself at how effective it was, with such a lovely fragrance' 

Mrs P Marsh, Northamptonshire