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Heel Appeal 100ml

Say goodbye to dry, sore heels with this luxurious cream that rejuvenates hard, cracked skin. This highly concentrated formulation penetrates into the hardest skin layers providing moisture and more…

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The main ingredient here is urea, at 25 per cent much higher than many other brands.Combined with vegetable glycerin which acts as an effective exfoliant and helps retain moisture. Now available as 100ml jar with spatula.

Essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender, known for their healing and anti-bacterial properties, help soothe and restore visibly healthier skin and keep it supple for longer. This intensive treatment should be used morning and night until cracks disappear; thereafter we recommend Feet Treat as a general maintenance product.


Key Ingredients
• Urea
• Tea Tree Oil
• Lavender Oil

• Fungicidal and viricidal
• Anti-bacterial
• Reduces inflammation
• Encourages growth of healthy new skin

Features and Benefits
• Softens dry, hard skin
• Promotes healthy skin and improves skin condition
• Natural exfoliator
• Conditions and rejuvenates
• Deeply moisturising
• Suitable for all skin types

How to use
• Soaking the feet prior to use will accelerate results
• Use liberally morning and night
• Massage gently all over foot concentrating on areas prone to dryness
• Once skin starts to improve use Feet Treat daily and top-up with Heel Appeal as required
• For best and long-lasting results use B-Line Footcare Homecare Kit to maintain the benefits

 Customer comments:

'Having just started using Heel Appeal I can see an improvement in just two weeks on the hard skin around the outer edge of my big toe. I am addicted to my B-Line footcare products and Heel Appeal looks set to become another favourite.'

Liz Atkins, St Albans

'Heel Appeal is brilliant! There was a noticeable improvement on my very dry and cracked heels within days and the fragrance is much nicer than other products'

Mrs A Smithson, Derbyshire