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An exclusive collection of plant-based beauty products
Paraben free  • diabetic friendly  • plastic microbead free

Specialist footcare, gorgeous massage oils plus a whole range of quality beauty products to help you look and feel fabulous. Tried and tested by professional therapists in some of the leading spas and salons in the UK.

B-Line products are designed to ‘nourish, balance and harmonise’ inner and outer beauty. Please pop into our ‘shop’ and take a look, see what others say and treat yourself.



  • Foot and Leg Lotion 150ml
    Foot and Leg Lotion 150ml

    Lotion in motion - tickle those tootsies and hard-working legs back into action with this creamy, dreamy lotion.

  • Hand and Body Lotion 150ml
    Hand and Body Lotion 150ml

    Slather this rich and creamy treatment on your body, hands and cuticles for super smooth skin and well-nourished nails.

  • Feet Treat 150ml
    Feet Treat 150ml

    Mother Nature’s on the case in this powerful combination of plant extracts and essential oils that soften, rehydrate and maintain good healthy feet.This three-in-one product is a must-have for diabetics who need to be extra careful of their feet.

  • Deodorising Cooling Foot Spray 200ml
    Deodorising Cooling Foot Spray 200ml

    Hot holiday feet need a siesta! This exhilarating spray will soothe and invigorate feet, and kill off anything that might upset your foot karma. An all-round family foot spray that's ideal for long-haul flights and travel.

  • Aromatic Body Gel 150ml
    Aromatic Body Gel 150ml

    A glamourous, light cooling gel that slithers onto your skin leaving a beautiful sheen especially if you have a good tan.It is lightly moisturising.Super in hot climates and will also help to relieve swollen ankles.

  • Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil 100ml
    Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil 100ml

    Get oiled and spoiled with this interesting blend of plant extracts hand-picked for their muscle-relaxing powers.Rejuvenating,refreshing and conditioning.Your skin will be soft and glowing.

  • Relaxing Refreshing Foot Bath 200ml
    Relaxing Refreshing Foot Bath 200ml

    They've kept you on your toes all day, now make it up to them with this powerful yet gentle and relaxing, cleansing foot bath. A great product for diabetics, sporty types and those who value comfortable tootsies.

  • Body and Sole Exfoliant 150ml
    Body and Sole Exfoliant 150ml

    This creamy exfoliator will help to smooth away hard dry skin and keep your feet healthy and comfortable. Follow by applying our 'hero' cream Feet Treat and you will be delighted with the result.  

  • Heel Appeal 50ml
    Heel Appeal 50ml

    Say goodbye to dry, sore heels with this luxurious cream that rejuvenates hard, cracked skin. This highly concentrated formulation penetrates into the hardest skin layers providing moisture and hydration.

  • Ultimate Hydrating Body Crème 150ml
    Ultimate Hydrating Body Crème 150ml

    Soak it up then lock it in. This highly concentrated,hydrating moisture creme is an excellent tightening and firming product that can be used all over the body.With great results.