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TeaTree with Lavender Oil 10ml

We call this our first aid kit in a bottle. The combination of essential oils of Tea Tree and Lavender brings together a powerful antiseptic with a soothing analgesic. Perfect for a host of everyday ailments from a grazed knee to insect more…

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The benefits of these two essential oils have been known for hundreds of years, often used as a safe, effective and versatile home remedy. Tea Tree is an active and powerful antiseptic complemented by Lavender’s analgesic and anti-bacterial properties in this one bottle. It can be used directly onto the skin for cuts, abrasions, spots and insect bites or as a hand sanitizer when out and about.


Features and Benefits

  • Combats bacterial infection
  • Combats fungal infection
  • Combats certain viral infections
  • Improves general hygiene
  • Soothes pain and irritation