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Anti-Stress Relaxation Oil 100ml

Get oiled and spoiled with this interesting blend of plant extracts hand-picked for their muscle-relaxing powers .Massage onto warm skin after bath or shower to relieve tension. Skin will be left soft and more…

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Switch moods in a flash from stressed-out to laid-back with this therapeutic massage medium. Carefully selected flower oils will ease aches and pains to leave you feeling calm and relaxed. Can be used with any of our bath and body products including Body and Sole Exfoliant.


Product Description

Indulgent highly-penetrating relaxation oil with a combination of five essential oils to relax tense muscles and help reduce stress.

Key Ingredients
• Sweet Almond Oil
• Essential Oil of Clary Sage
• Essential Oil of Orange
• Essential Oil of Lavender
• Essential Oil of Marjoram
• Essential Oil of Geranium

• Calming and soothing
• Aids relaxation
• Helps relieve tension, stress and circulatory problems
• Reduces fluid retention
• Analgesic qualities
• Stimulates and softens the skin
• Boosts the immune system
• Reconditions and rejuvenates
• Use in conjunction with Body and Sole Exfoliant and Anti-Stress Spa Bath
• Suitable for sensitive skin

How to use

  • Apply to clean, dry skin - especially after exfoliation
  • Massage into areas prone to hold tension
  • Use after exercise to relieve tired muscles
  • Suitable for use as a complete body moisturising treatment
  • Helps induce sleep when used at night
  • Apply to temples and pulse points to relieve headaches and fatigue
  • For maximum benefit use in conjunction with Body and Sole Exfoliant and Anti Stress Spa Bath



Customer Comments

'I love the fragrance of this oil and the fact it eases the tension in my shoulders. I also send it to my sister-in-law in Canada... we just love it.'

Yvonne Tooley, Loughborough

'I really like this oil with its subtle fragrance. It seems to have improved my circulation and makes me feel very relaxed and sleepy. My skin looks healthy and well looked after.'

P Perrott, Gravesend