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Simple home spray treatment for persistent hard, dry skin and sore cracked heels.... see it to believe it! Use with our double-sided wooden foot rasp for maximum more…

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This ground-breaking hard skin treatment spray has revolutionised footcare… no more hard, dry skin or sore cracked heels. Easy to use and great value, Erase gives impressive results after just one application even with a chronic persistent problem.

Just spray onto the affected area and rasp as required, ideally using B-Line’s double-sided wooden foot file. See dry skin fall away to reveal soft, healthy skin beneath. Follow with rich moisturising cream like B-Line Feet Treat. We recommend a foot soak first.

Created originally for exclusive use by professionals, this handy-size 50ml version also with urea and lavender extract was developed to meet growing demand for use at home.

Favoured by selected spas and salons including multi award-winning Ragdale Hall, this pioneering treatment out-performs many similar high-profile brands. Erase is well on the way to becoming market leader, enhancing B-Line’s reputation as an innovative footcare specialist. 

Professional therapists, clients and our own online customers absolutely love it – but don’t take our word for it. Please check out the pictures and testimonials below and then try it for yourself… you will be pleased you did!


What do customers say:

'I just had to write and tell you Erase is amazing! I pay £85 a pop for a so-called 'medical pedicure' from a high-end brand that doesn't give anywhere near these results. Erase actually lives up to its promise.. .and more. A rarity and a miracle cure for my crusty hooves... thank you.'

Christine Thomasson, Cheshire

‘Erase has changed my life. After years of suffering with hard skin and painful cracked heels, I am now walking on air… and so are my clients’

Jo Lale Independent Beauty, Nottingham


‘Erase is a brilliant product which just sheds old skin leaving the feet looking younger and healthier… clients love their feet afterwards.’

Jayne Snowden
Serenity Beauty, Hitchin


‘Erase gives startling results. There is simply nothing else out there as gentle and effective and we love it. The effects have to be seen to be believed.’

Claire Stokes
Elysium Beauty, Grantham


‘I have found Erase invaluable in removing hard skin to enable better contact with pressure points, especially with male clients who seem to suffer badly from this problem.’

Helen Mary Perkins
Reflexologist, Peterborough


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