Erase 50ml

Simple spray treatment for persistent hard, dry skin and sore cracked heels.... see it to believe it!read more…

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Originally created exclusively for professional use only, B-line has launched a 50ml version of our ground-breaking hard skin treatment spray for retail customers. See it to believe it!


Just spray onto the affected area and rasp as required ,ideally using B-line's double-sided wooden foot rasp.See dry skin fall away to reveal soft, healthy skin beneath. Say goodbye to stubborn hard skin and cracked heels!

What do customers say:

'I just had to write and tell you Erase is amazing! I pay £85 a pop for a so-called 'medical pedicure' from a high-end brand that doesn't give anywhere near these results. Erase actually lives up to its promise.. .and more. A rarity and a miracle cure for my crusty hooves... thank you.'

Christine Thomasson, Cheshire