Less is more as B-Line embraces eco-packaging

12 September 2019


NEVER has the concept 'less is more' been more appropriate than in today's environmentally conscious world. Growing awareness is driving the momentum to reduce waste, to re-cycle, restore and re-use and here at B-Line we are trying to play our part.

We are told more than 120 billion units of packaging is produced every year by the global cosmetics industry. Much of this can't be disposed of safely and will ultimately add to problems such as the mountain of plastic that is polluting the seas and impacting wildlife.

Having previously been recognised for our early decision to ditch plastic microbeads and switch to bamboo, we have now adopted a minimalist approach to packaging orders. Starting with our Christmas gift selection we are using only natural materials, all of which can be re-cycled; if you wish some can be re-used. Our little hessian/burlap lavender bag makes a lovely pot pourri for drawer or wardrobe.

Our use of paper, fabric, string and lavender seeds echoes the ancient Japanese art of 'tsutsumi', a traditional approach that relies on wood, paper, rope, fabric and even stones and plants to create a simple, secure package.. .avoiding ostentation and perfectly in keeping with today's eco-friendly trend.

We know from customer and client feedback that fancy packaging is losing its appeal. We hope in this small way to make a difference and encourage others to do the same in line with Zero Waste Week this month. We'd love to hear your thoughts... please send us a message via Facebook, Instagram or just drop me an email.

We look forward to hearing from you...

Annette x